SSRF Table of Allocation (TOA)

A Table of Allocation (TOA) describes the national frequency allocation plan. TOA data is for reference only.


A Table of Allocation (TOA) describes the national frequency allocation plan and degree of conformity with the ITU Radio Regulations. A TOA contains the division of the radio frequency spectrum into bands and details for the usage of these bands by different types of services, applications, and users. For example, a band of spectrum might be allocated for mobile radio systems used by other than national governmental users, within specified power limits and bandwidth restrictions. A TOA is considered reference data because the national rules for use of spectrum must be known in order to develop/procure equipment that is likely to be permitted to transmit, and to properly plan detailed spectrum use for training and cooperative operations.

TOA Business Process

The Table of Allocation provided by the Host Nation should be imported and stored in the respective spectrum management systems. The business process is detailed in the Activity Diagram below.

The request for a TOA can be done using an Administrative transaction. An example TOA request and response are shown below:

<Administrative serial="USA:JSC:DR:2009/001" reason=”QUERY” external="Y">
  <Remarks>I need your TOA for the band 230-400 MHz</Remarks>
<TOA cls="U">
  <Serial cls="U">USA:NTIA:TA:1</Serial>
  <EntryDateTime cls="U">2011-12-25T00:00:00Z</EntryDateTime>
  <Administration cls="U">NTIA</Administration>
    <FreqMin cls="U">230</FreqMin>
    <FreqMax cls="U">400</FreqMax>
      <AllocatedService cls="U">Mobile Service</AllocatedService>
      <Priority cls="U">Primary</Priority>

Data Object

TOA is the XML root for all parameters of a Table of Allocations. It inherits attributes and sub-elements from element Common. Sub-Elements are Country, Footnote, FreqBand.

See the OpenSSRF Javadoc for more details.

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