SSRF Dataset Messaging

Dataset messages facilitate the exchange of SSRF-formatted information.


A Message SSRF document is used to exchange generic SSRF-formatted records and information. Dataset Messages are for information only and typically not associated with an action.

Data Object

Message describes the receipt and disposition of a group of SSRF Datasets in a single transmittal. The receiving system SHOULD verify the correct datasets were received. If a dataset fails validation, a separate Administrative dataset SHOULD be returned to the sender informing them of the error.


<Message cls="U">
  <Serial cls="U">TUR::MS:123</Serial>
  <EntryDateTime cls="U">2011-12-25T00:00:00Z</EntryDateTime>
  <Name cls="U">Results of Your 2012-01-05 Data Request</Name>
  <SecondaryDatasets cls="U">No</SecondaryDatasets>
  <DatasetRef cls="U">POL::AN:456<DatasetRef>
  <DatasetRef cls="U">DEU::AL:456<DatasetRef>
  <DatasetRef cls="U">NED::TX:456<DatasetRef>
  <DatasetRef cls="U">USA::RX:456<DatasetRef>

See the OpenSSRF Javadoc for more details.

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