SSRF Frequency Allotment & Assignment

Frequency Allotments enable decentralized frequency management. An Allotment is a group of frequencies given for local management with a defined emission, location and time use profile.

Frequency Assignments authorize a specific system with a defined emission, location and time use profile.


Once a total frequency requirement is known it should be submitted as a consolidated Allotment request or as a series of Assignment requests to the relevant spectrum management authority.

A summary of the use case for Frequency Allotment and Assignment data is illustrated below.

Business Process

The business processes for Allotment and Assignment are almost identical. The Frequency Allotment Plan or Frequency Assignment process includes all functions required to create and maintain an Allotment Plan or Assignment Request and their respective Responses. This includes the following capabilities:

  • Import allotment plans requests and responses
  • Query the local data store for allotment plans / assignments
  • Create and edit allotment plan / assignment requests and responses
  • Track status of allotment plan / assignment requests
  • Export and print selected allotment plans / assignments in various formats
  • For assignments only, plot the location of selected assignment datasets at least against a political map, and if available on a digital terrain map

The user interaction process is illustrated below, where level "N-1" is the subordinate and "N+1" is the superior authority.

Request Types

An important part of the process is the user analysis of the request and subsequent decision. There are four cases:

  1. Temporary request that can be satisfied from local allotment. The user will nominate frequencies from its allotment plan and send the response to the subordinate.
  2. Temporary request that cannot be satisfied from local allotment. The user will send a request for extension of its allotment plan to its superior.
  3. Permanent request for which the user has authority to assign. Same as case 1.
  4. Permanent request for which the user does not have the authority to assign. The request is forwarded to the superior authority.

Response Notification

The response to an Allotment or Assignment request is done by re-sending the AsgnAllot dataset, completed with the nominated frequency(ies).

In the case where the request cannot be accommodated without a modification of the parameters (for example a decrease of power), the requester must submit a modified request.

Alternatively, if there is agreement between the requester and the assigning authority, the authority may modify the request and return the modified request completed with the notified frequency(ies).

Data Objects

Allotment Data Object

Allotment is a group of frequencies given to a subordinate organisation for local management, for specific types of emissions, at a certain location, and for a specified period of time.

Sub-Elements are AllotFreq, Emission, POCInformation, Project


<Allotment cls="U">
  <Serial cls="U">USA::AL:123</Serial>
  <EntryDateTime cls="U">2011-12-25T00:00:00Z</EntryDateTime>
  <Title cls="U">Allotment Title Here</Title>
  <UsageType cls="U">Request Permanent</UsageType>
  <DateResponseRequired cls="U">2011-12-25</DateResponseRequired>
  <EffectiveDate cls="U">2012-01-01</EffectiveDate>
  <ExpirationDate cls="U">2106-01-01</ExpirationDate>
  <ReviewDate cls="U">2104-01-01</ReviewDate>
  <Requirement cls="U">Need reply ASAP</Requirement>
    <FreqMin cls="U">30</FreqMin>
    <FreqMax cls="U">35</FreqMax>
    <PairedFreqMin cls=”U”>20.5</PairedFreqMin>
    <TuningStep cls="U">0.050</TuningStep>
    <LocationRestriction cls="U">DEU::LO:25001</LocationRestriction>
    <EmsClass cls="U">G1D</EmsClass>
    <NecessaryBw cls="U">2.5</NecessaryBw>
    <Power cls="U">1.2</Power>
  <LocationRef cls="U">DEU::LO:25</LocationRef>

See the OpenSSRF Javadoc for more details.

Assignment Data Object

Assignment is the XML root for all parameters of a system of assignments.

Sub-Elements are AsgnAllotOwner, CircuitRemarks, Configuration, CoordinationData, DocketNum, HostDocketNum, Link, OffTheShelfEquipment, POCInformation, PreviousAuthorization, Project, RecordNote, Station, StatusLog, SysOfStation


<Assignment cls="U">
  <Serial cls="U">NLD::AS:123</Serial>
  <EntryDateTime cls="U">2011-12-25T00:00:00Z</EntryDateTime>
  <EffectiveDateTime cls="U">2011-12-28T00:00:00Z</EffectiveDateTime>
  <Function cls="U">AIR OPS</Function>
    <ConfigID cls="U">CONFIG1</ConfigID>
      <Serial cls="U">NLD::TX:444</Serial>
    <StationID cls="U">STATION1</StationID>
    <LocSatRef cls="U">NLD::LO:111</LocSatRef>
    <ServiceVolumeLocRef cls="U">NLD::LO:222</ServiceVolumeLocRef>
    <ServiceVolumeHeight cls="U">10000</ServiceVolumeHeight>
    <LinkID cls="U">LINK1</LinkID>
      <Type cls="U">Transmit-Receive</Type>
      <ConfigID cls="U">CONFIG1</ConfigID>
      <StationID cls="U">STATION1</StationID>
        <FreqMin cls="U">256.275</FreqMin>

See the OpenSSRF Javadoc for more details.

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