Reference Implementation

OpenSSRF is a open source, royalty-free, license-free reference implementation software library of the Standard Spectrum Resource Format (SSRF) specification in Java.

  • A complete implementation of SSRF v3.1 (2014) w/revisions
  • Support for all SSRF data types and business processes
  • Automated serial, index and cross-reference management
  • Utilities for document validation, assembly, read & write

About OpenSSRF

The Standard Spectrum Resource Format (SSRF) defines standard data elements for automated exchange of radio-frequency (RF) spectrum-related data. SSRF is managed under the authority of DOD Directive 5100.35, Military Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Executive Board (MC4EB) and published in the MC4EB Pub 8 document. The SSRF specification is published and placed in to the public domain by the MC4EB. The SSRF specification is royalty-free and license-free.

OpenSSRF is a open source, royalty-free, license-free reference software implementation of the most recent SSRF specification; currently v3.1.0. By "license-free" we mean there is no licensing fee to use the software: the OpenSSRF software code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

OpenSSRF is developed and maintained by Key Bridge Global LLC in collaboration with members of the The Wireless Innovation Forum Spectrum Innovation Committee and with unofficial advisory support from the Defense Spectrum Organization.

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