OpenSSRF Downloads


OpenSSRF is an implementation in software of the MC4EB Pub 8 SSRF Standard v3.1.0m02.

Here are provided download links to the latest public release of MC4EB Pub 8.

Description Download
MC4EB Pub 8 Data Exchange Standard (incl. two minor corrections) specification.pdf
MC4EB Pub 8 Data Diagrams (w/corrections) diagrams.pdf
SSRF XSD Version 3.1.0 as of 2014-09-16 (w/corrections)


The official (binary) release distribution is available for download here.

Description MD5 Sum Download
Binary Distribution d97de7ae6f97df8ac50bcc356c54183a openssrf-3.1.0-1.0.0.jar
Java Source 4c4620cff0c7d82d29b2704574dc24f5

Latest Source Distribution

The latest source code snapshot is available for download here. The code snapshot includes the latest features and bug fixes.

Note: While the latest source distribution will NEVER break compatibility it also may not have undergone the same level of testing as a certified release. Follow the link and check the documentation for snapshot release details.

Description Download
Get the latest software updates and fork this project keybridge/lib-openssrf

Legacy Distributions

Description MD5 Sum Download
Binary Distribution v3.0.0r02 0262f92320a5f601a727292f8b889c26 lib-openssrf-v300r02.jar
Java Source v3.0.0r02 7b188b40a2d975996dd941aa5694819c


OpenSSRF v3.1 and later depend upon EclipseLink MOXy to bind Java classes with XML Schemas. This dependency is required to read and write OpenSSRF XML documents.

Description Download
EclipseLink 2.5.2 (July 4, 2014) or later Latest Stable (>= 2.5.0)

Dependency Background: The Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) reference implementation does not support XML Value types that are derived from another class; EclipseLink MOXy does. Otherwise the two implementations are functionally identical (for the needs of OpenSSRF).

OpenSSRF requires this XML Value type binding feature because of the technique in which metadata annotations for primitive fields are implemented: as a abstract, annotated class (AMetadata) extended by containers for each primitive type.

Metadata annotated values are provided by the following SSRF data types:

  • ChannelFreq
  • CircuitRemarks
  • Comment
  • Country
  • DCSTrunk
  • DetailedFunction
  • DocketNum
  • EmsClass
  • HostDocketNum
  • HostNation
  • Installation
  • OffTheShelfEquipment
  • RxModeRef
  • ServiceArea
  • StnClass
  • TCalendar
  • TDecimal
  • TDouble
  • TInteger
  • TString
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