OpenSSRF Demonstration Code

Sample code to help you learn about and develop your own SSRF-based applications.

Contact us to suggest other helpful utilities and examples.


This implementation of the SSRF v3.1.0 specification includes features that streamline and standardize the assembly, validation, reading and writing of compliant SSRF documents. Most features are hidden and automated. One powerful feature for creating and enforcing standard document configurations is the use of properties.



Translate service data into a SSRF document

Easily translate wireless service data from any raw format into SSRF XML documents. Here we provide a simple demonstration showing how to translate Industry Canada BDBS Broadcast Data records into SSRF documents.

SSRF Builder Code (java)

SSRF Translator Code (java)


Translate SSRF v.3.0.0 documents to v3.1.0

A generic, XSLT v1-based document converter. Download the XSLT document and build your own translator.

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